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Aura Utrecht — Public Works Utrecht, NL

Aura Utrecht

Commisioners — Public Works Utrecht, NL

Year — 2016

Architecture & Light

Aura Utrecht is commissioned by Public Works, an initiative of the Foundation Kunst in het Stationsgebied, in collaboration with the city of Utrecht.

Colorful and playful curtains form an oasis and an energy field in the traffic buzz of the city. The transparent shutters shelter and frame a moment in space and time with an aura of light. Situated on top of the ‘Jaarsbeurstrappen’ at Utrecht Central Station in The Netherlands, welcoming those who pass by, is Aura, a tripod sculpture supporting cylindrical stages defined by colorful, see-through curtains. Each of the three spaces proposes a site where a grand theatrical spot highlights an urban stage and terrace. From the inside looking out, the world becomes tainted in an array of complementing colors. Looking from the outside in, the stages appear lit by a magical limelight, signaling the transition between the central train station and the West side of the city. Here everyone is invited to become an actor and spectator of the public space, or to just take a pause and enjoy the play of movement and light while eating a sandwich or enjoying the view.


The final result of Qianhai Mawan Landmark Design is published

— July 20, 2020 —

Together with MLA+ Architecture, Planning and Consultancy, PolyLester was invited to design landmark architecture. We were not shortlisted, but got pretty far. Here some results. 

PolyLester wins landmark sculpture for facade new HQ PostNL

— July 8, 2020 —

Aqua Spectra has been completed

— June 24, 2020 —

Polyester has completed Aqua Spectra a landscape of water mirrors at the HQ of furniture manufacturer Ahrend (see image) and is currently awaiting proper documentation – for now some images can be found in the site, sop do enjoy.


Parade Oestgeest

— January 10, 2020 —

Some catching up to for 2020. last year was spend wining lost of competitions and some are even soon to be delivered. To start with the last thing we won: Parade a wall with approx 600 3D shapes of fossil fish swimming in a school. each fish has a reflecting eye, forming a starry ensemble of playful dots.

Weg en Water (Road and Water)

— March 6, 2019 —

A Day with Gabriel Lester – Unseen

— November 26, 2018 —

Our founder Gabriel was recently interviewed by Unseen about a day in the studio, check out the article here


New Video Released Directed by Gabriel Lester – ‘Binnen’ by Yung Internet

— November 5, 2018 —

During the display of ‘Void Non-Void’ at NDSM in Amsterdam, Gabriel Lester used the hip-hop culture inspired installation as a set for Yung Internet’s new video Binnen. Check out this article to find out more!

Gabriel Lester Featured @ Paris International

— October 15, 2018 —

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 10.34.35

Gabriel Lester work to be featured at Paris International, check it out!

Neck of the Woods @ Lek Art

— October 11, 2018 —


Our piece ‘Neck of the Woods’ was recently exhibited at Lek Art, we hope you enjoyed it!

The Conditioning @ Busan Biennale 2018

— October 1, 2018 —


The Conditioning (2018), our latest site-specific installation for the Busan Biennale pursues a more sober but no less immersive critique of architectural space, and politics. Read More.

Trek @ South London Gallery

— September 24, 2018 —


New piece Trek, an artwork about the politics of migration was installed last Saturday for the South London Gallery on Pelican Estate. “When seen from the block above this group of sculptures, coloured to resemble birds of paradise, are designed to appear as if they are being blown in the wind. From the ground they will look like foreign bodies in motion, alien newcomers passing through the Pelican Estate” 

Read about the piece HERE Installed 15/09/18

Void-Non-Void @ Designboom

— April 3, 2018 —


One of our latest projects Void-Non-Void is featured on Designboom.

Read the full article HERE.


PolyLester – established by Gabriel Lester in 2013 – is a studio focusing on art, public sculptures, architectural interventions, landscape, interior design, stage design etc etc.

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